lime plasters

lime plasters

Lime plasters are versatile, purely lime-bound decorative plasters for interior use. The design options for the surfaces range from highly structured and finely rough to smooth and shiny. Kreidezeit lime plasters are surface-ready and do not have to be painted over.

Kreidezeit lime plasters are easy to work with, even for laypeople. They are deliberately set to dry slowly and give you enough time to work out the desired structures after application.
They are ideally suited for damp rooms thanks to their high diffusibility, long-lasting alkalinity and surface that prevents condensation ;chen .
Fine marble lime and Italian marble sand give these plasters a very high degree of whiteness and very good binding and adhesion properties, without the addition of synthetic resin binders and synthetic pigments such as titanium white.


The surfaces can be made water-repellent by applying diluted vegetable soap. They can be tinted with all Kreidezeit pigments. Many other design effects are possible with decorative additives (colored glass gravel, vermiculite, mica, chopped straw, walnut shell granules).

Recommended also for preparing the substrate for our glossy plaster techniques such as Stuccolustro, Marmorino, Tadelakt.

Product properties

  • matt, natural white
  • naturally anti-mould, suitable for damp rooms
  • emission-free , odorless
  • can be tinted with all earth and mineral pigments