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wood treatments

wood treatments

Nature is the best choice!

As natural as wood

Wood is a unique material< /strong> and has always been familiar to people as a building material. In addition to the appearance and the surfaces that flatter the sense of touch, the advantages also include its construction properties: elasticity and stability. To preserve and enhance these qualities, natural oil-based paints are the best choice.

Main raw material of our wood paints and since The well-drying linseed oil has been tried and tested for centuries. Linseed oil is obtained by pressing linseed or flaxseed. Due to the very small molecular size of the fatty acids it contains (about 50 times smaller than synthetic resins), it penetrates deep into even the smallest pores in the wood. It remains elastic and optimally diffusible over its entire service life. Cracks in coatings and waterlogging in the wood are thus reliably avoided. We manufacture a wide variety of products for treating wood from linseed oil, pine resin, stand oils, Portuguese balsam turpentine oil and mineral pigments.

Recipes made from renewable raw materials that are sensible in terms of building physics result in highest application and usage safety. In addition, they do not leave behind any hazardous waste later on when they are disposed of. This means that the natural Kreidezeit wood treatment products outperform the widespread, quick-drying acrylic and alkyd resin coatings in many respects. Our oil products are lead, barium and cobalt-free.
All products are subject to strict internal quality assurance, and all raw materials are selected with the greatest care. A complete declaration of all ingredients is a matter of course.