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Food supplements

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Do we need nutritional supplements?

In our experience, YES!


Our current lifestyle is characterised by stress, information density and physical/mental one-sided strains. As a result, we consume considerably more nutrients than in the past.

In addition, food no longer contains the abundance of vitamins, minerals and micro nutrients that we need for a healthy life; not to mention the secondary plant substances (e.g. natural plant pigments as antioxidants, bitter substances, etc.). Fruits, vegetables and grains have been bred up into large, immaculate products, if not genetically modified.
In the past, a grapefruit was still bitter ... today only rarely.
Industrially processed foods and an excess of stimulants (such as sugar, alcohol, coffee,...) do the rest.

What you should look for in food supplements:
  • Natural origin of the active ingredients. You will recognise this if the origin is stated as FRUIT or plant (e.g.: Vitamin C from acerola - instead of synthetically produced vitamin C = ascorbic acid).
  • Active ingredients from the WHOLE plant instead of isolated substances. A WHOLE fruit contains much more than a few vitamins, e.g. also secondary plant substances, minerals, micro-elements.
  • Avoid isolated, highly dosed, synthetic substances!

Below you will find the food supplements that we have been using ourselves for years to supplement our diet and bring our body into balance - with natural active ingredients from Ayurveda, TCM and Western herbalism. We can warmly recommend them to you. 
For an individual, free consultation on the selection of food supplements, please contact us by phone or WhatsApp.

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