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Water is our elixir of life

In fact, our body consists of about 70% water!

We need water, for example, to detoxify and eliminate waste products, for the fluidity of our blood and as an electrical conductor for signal transmission. And our cells need water that is easily accessible to cells in order to absorb nutrients and release waste products. Pure, cell-capable drinking water is therefore the absolute basis of our health!

Unfortunately, environmental pollution does not stop at our drinking water and it is often contaminated by herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, heavy metals, hormone and drug residues, plasticisers and microplastics. In addition, it is piped to our homes through long pipelines, which compresses the water molecules and creates large clusters. This severely impairs the water's ability to pass through cells. Drinking water from plastic bottles as an alternative, on the other hand, makes neither sense from a health nor an ecological point of view.

Therefore, we would like to introduce you to the AQUION water filter technology, which we have been using ourselves for years and with great pleasure for us and our family.

The advantages of the AQUION water filter system:

  • It filters the water with two powerful AQUION dual filters and cleans it from heavy metals, toxins from the agricultural industry, hormone and drug residues, plasticisers and microplastics.
  • It produces ionised water on request. This means it separates the alkaline water (drinking water) from the acidic components (industrial water, e.g. for cleaning). Alkaline water has the ability to neutralise acids in the body, which can be caused by stress, unhealthy nutrition, alcohol or coffee. This is an important precaution for our health.
  • In short: the AQUION water filter system removes everything that we do not want in our drinking water!
  • It changes and reduces the structure of the alkaline minerals (e.g. calcium) so that they become much more cell-permeable.
  • The AQUION spring water module renaturalises and revitalises the water and restores the 'hexagonal structures' - as is the case with fresh spring water.
  • The AQUION light water module enriches the water with biophotons (light particles), which we (should) also consume in fresh, living food. Biophotons activate cell metabolism, stimulate the immune system and increase life energy.
  • The AQUION water filter system has a 15-year(!!) guarantee and is therefore a reasonable, long-term investment in your own health.

Conclusion: With the AQUION drinking water system, you bring your own fresh spring into your home - for your well-being and the well-being of your whole family.

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And the sustainable aspect: eco-ethical water

The water from your AQUION water system is eco-ethical. It does not have to be transported or packaged in plastic. It is filtered to a high standard and retains its natural minerals. And it is not taken away from anyone, because it comes from the regional supply and flows back into the natural cycle. So fair and sustainable that many generations will be able to use it.

Go on a discovery tour directly in the Aquion online shop!


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